ChaseRace K/S

ChaseRace is an immersive multiplayer strategy racing game and an entrepreneurial universe, that enthuses everybody with a ”play & battle” DNA. 

​ChaseRace is a 100% skills game where cars drive like in the real world. There is no limit to how skilled a race driver can be. The drivers can battle on pre-built racetracks or create their own user generated racetracks.

Race drivers can win great prizes, cash and honour. They can develop into experts, create their strong profile and create a personal career for a living. The best of them will be professional ChaseRace drivers with a big income potential.

Beside driving users can be e.g. team leaders with salary, team shareholder, team manager with team development responsibility, or be driving instructor for new drivers on the racetrack.

The entrepreneurial universe contains 5 different business opportunities built on a defined franchise model. Based on this ChaseRace offers access to the community for the following franchises: Driving instructors, eSport journalists, Merchandisers, Event makers and Stock brokers.  

The ambition of ChaseRace is to create a community, a new type of eSport, with all the types and roles known from the real world.

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